Posted by: washingtonlawyers | March 27, 2008

March Meeting Minutes

Ten of us met last Thursday, March 20, hosted by Cliff Villa at the EPA offices.  Those who participated were:

Jed Barden, Riddell Williams
Erin Watanabe Croman, Riddell Williams
Sean Croman, Wilson Sonsini
David Frankel, Law Office of David R. Frankel, interim coordinator

Barbara Lither, EPA
Pat Pressentin, Pressentin & Associates

Cat Reny, SU Law
Shane Robinson
Cliff Villa, EPA
Julie Wade, Starbucks (by teleconference)

We welcome participation by others at future meetings.  Please forward this message to colleagues and friends who you think would like to participate, and ask them to contact me, and cc Cliff Villa (, and Rebecca Parker (

The next meeting will be at noon on Thursday, April 17, 2008, at the EPA offices. I will send out a reminder notice closer to the date.

Discussion Summary

Planning Retreat Follow-up

As an action item from the Sustainability Roles for Lawyers working group session at the March 1 retreat, Erin Croman, Amy Bann and David Frankel prepared the attached draft list of practice areas and legal issues relevant to sustainability.  This list is a starting point.  We invite all of you to suggest further additions

Following up on the suggestions made by the Education and Training working group at the retreat, Barbara Lither identified as a priority organizing monthly presentations by lawyers who are actively engaged with various sustainability issues.  Barbara also has excellent reading lists which will be posted on the web site.

Governance and Affiliation with Bar and other organizations

– We agreed that we should explore the pros and cons of incorporation as a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status.  Erin Croman volunteered to investigate these issues and report back to us with suggestions about whether and when to proceed.

– We also discussed affiliation and/or cooperation with Bar and other organizations.

  • David Frankel and Cliff Villa reported on the annual steering committee retreat of Oregon Lawyers for a Sustainable Future, which they attended at the invitation of Dick Roy, along with Eileen Carrel.
    • The OLSF group expressed great interest in working with WLS and exploring synergies between our groups and activities.  In particular, we discussed:
      • Sharing of office practices tools.
      • Presenting “The Dimensions of Sustainability” CLE in Washington with WLS co-sponsorship.
      • Developing Seattle University as a center of gravity for law and sustainability in the Northwest.
      • Expanding OLSF and WLS outreach to parts of Oregon and Washington beyond Greater Portland and Seattle.
      • Tagging onto other CLEs to reach a broader audience.
    • Dick and Jeanne Roy will be in Seattle on Tuesday, May 6 to give a 2:30 presentation at a meeting of law firm administrators.  They have offered to meet with us earlier in the day to give us their thoughts about initiatives and areas of cooperation between OLSF and WLS.  During our 3/20 WLS meeting, we discussed organizing a luncheon event for the Roys.  We agreed that because of space constraints, attendance will need to be limited to those who have attended at least one prior WLS meeting.  Jed Barden offered to organize the event and to see if it can be hosted at the offices of his law firm (Riddell Williams)
  • We discussed placing an article in the Washington State Bar Journal announcing formation of WLS and describing our initiatives
  • Julie Wade suggested contacting Todd True of Earth Justice and inviting him to meet with us.

Other Action Items

Shane Robinson and Cat Reny will be exploring and reporting back to us about options for enhancing the prominence, flexibility and accessibility of our website as we increase our online resources

– Pat Pressentin is making progress with researching and compiling lists of sustainable providers of office supplies and other services and resources of interest to lawyers and law firms.  His results will be published on the WLS site.

Our next regular meeting will be held at noon on Thursday, April 17, at the EPA offices.   I will send out a meeting reminder as that date approaches. Please email me with any questions and forward this message to others who would be interested in participating.

Best regards,

David Frankel,
Interim Coordinator


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