Posted by: washingtonlawyers | January 28, 2008

Minutes from January Meeting

Eight of us met last week, hosted by Cliff Villa at the EPA offices.  Those who participated were:

Eileen Carrel, Seattle University School of Law
David Frankel, Law Office of David R. Frankel, interim coordinator
Elie Halpern
Chris Howard, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Barbara Lither, EPA
Rebecca Parker, Seattle University School of Law
Pat Pressentin, Pressentin & Associates
Cliff Villa, EPA

We welcome participation by others at future meetings.  Please forward this message to colleagues and friends who you think would like to participate, and ask them to contact me, and cc Cliff Villa (, and Rebecca Parker (

The next meeting will be at noon on Thursday, February 14, 2008, at the EPA offices. I will send out a reminder notice closer to the date.

Discussion Summary

Initiatives Update

Thanks to Shane Robinson, a recent graduate of SU School of Law, Washington Lawyers for a Sustainable Future now has a mailbox,; and a blog, located at  We now have an online location at which to work on our objective to become a trusted conduit and clearinghouse for relevant information about sustainability and the law.

Our discussion on 1/17 focused first on what information to put on the WLSF site, what links it should contain, and whose sites we should request to add links to the WLSF site, so that we maximize the number of interested people who access it. Pat Pressentin offered to take the lead on developing a list for the site of the most sustainable products and certified suppliers for office supplies and services typically used by law firms.  This will be very helpful to firms who would like to adopt and advise about more sustainable practices but do not yet know how to identify and locate the most sustainable products and services available in the market. Chris Howard offered to approach WSBA about the possibility of adding a link from a relevant area of their website to the WLSF site.  He also suggested developing standards for certification of sustainable service businesses, such as law and accounting firms.

Barbara Lither, who has given numerous training sessions on sustainability issues to EPA employees, and who will be delivering a series of 2-day sessions to other federal employees, offered to make some of her training materials available.  This should be a great help to us as we think about ways to train Washington lawyers to become sustainability leaders within their firms, to train other lawyers in sustainability best practices, and to counsel their business clients in sustainable business practices.

The Center on Corporations, Law & Society at Seattle University School of Law will be hosting a CLE on “Supporting sustainable Business Practices Through Law” on Friday, February 22, 2008 from 8:30 to 3:00.  It should be a very thought-provoking series of presentations by knowledgeable speakers.  Dana Gold, Director of the Center, has offered to set aside a few minutes during the program for an introduction of WLSF to the attendees.  This should help us to attract additional participants as we continue to define WLSF’s mission and launch our first initiatives.

Next Meeting and “2020 Vision” Retreat

We have scheduled our next regular meeting for noon on Thursday, February 14, at the EPA offices.  We will use most of this meeting to plan the “2020 Vision” retreat which is now scheduled for Saturday, March 1.  We will send out a meeting reminder for the February 14 meeting in early February.  Following that meeting, we will send out full details and an agenda for the March 1 Retreat.


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